[WEB] Lernaean

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So I hope this is the right place. As far as I can tell, I'm on the right track. My problem lies in the tools I am using to solve the problem. BurpSuite freezes when loading a large .txt file as a payload and hydra seems to be the best, but I'm having some issues with the command line since it's password only. Here's what I am using, is this correct? I did the -l because that's the only way it won't complain about not having something even though I already put the "Password Only" option. Help!

hydra -l '' -V -s [PORT] [URL] -P [PATH_TO_PW_LIST] http-form-post "/:password=^PASS^:do_login=yes:F=Invalid"

EDIT: I do have BurpSuite working now, but with the free edition it's a bit on the slow side (only one thread). I'd still love it if someone could correct my Hydra example




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