[Forensics] Marshal in the Middle



  • Video from Heichou helped a lot, thanks!
    I tried a different approach from the Wireshark Wiki, which did not work for me.

    As soon as you got that part, follow the stream!

  • Great challenge - learnt a lot!!!

  • Type your comment> @zeroes said:

    Hope this is ok, just a great read on the Wireshark tool here, oh the whitty ways to use it: https://sharkfesteurope.wireshark.org/assets/presentations17eu/15.pdf

    Excellent document, i learn some cool things!! Feel free to PM me for help.

    Bless ~⠠⠵

  • Got the flag, but I did it intuitively and randomly. Could anyone PM me pls and explain meaninig of BRO logs and private key?

  • Once you know that and how you have to configure Wireshark correctly, it becomes rather easy. I found enjoyed this challenge since it learned me some new things about Wireshark
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