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Hi there, first of all sorry if this is not the right place to post this message. My apologies.

I was wondering about my points. I've been away for quite a while, and some of the machines I've owned have been retired, so obviously those are points I do not have anymore.

But I don't see the total points I've currently have, and despite the fact I've pwned two machines, I'm still at 0% on my way to Elite Hacker.

So I've basically have one question:

Where can I see how many points I do need to become Elite Hacker?




  • never mind, silly me. It's solved, so many sleepless nights I guess.


  • Yes, you lose progress as machines are retired.


    I was 60% way to levelling up and am back to nearly nothing now. I find this so demoralizing it actually affects how I do the machines.

    They have been a real slog lately and I'm rushing around missing basic stuff or not doing it properly and having to get confirmation (thanks everybody I bug). :(

    I don't know what kind of behavior they are trying to encourage here. I guess they have their reasons but I no longer post flags as they can't take points you don't register. Once I do level up I might not bother trying to level up anymore so ultimately I won't be using the site as much and will be cancelling my sub.


  • Yeah I'm 89.08% towards Pro Hacker and Canape is retiring tomorrow, so I'm rushing to try to either root two boxes or solve a bunch of challenges.

    I think they should apply some scaling to how the points have lost, i.e. lose 25% of the retired boxes points per week until they're gone after one month or something


  • Hello all ! I've just root a 40 points box, but my points go from 12 to 19 points ... It is normal ?

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