Where is the Blue Shadow?

Hello Everyone,

So I managed to make sense of the data on the Twitter page and build a file from it . Now I don't want to give anything away, but I'm kind of stuck. Any hints would be very welcome and so would any private messages. No spoilers though :)




  • I'm in the same boat.
    Decoded the tweets and all, but don't know how to get the flag :/


  • I'm in the same situation as you. I'm trying a couple of things, one related to reversing and another related with crypto... but don't know if I'm in the right track. Hints and PM would be welcome.

  • Am in similar situation - have a binary without headers (so it won't debug). Only a few functions which do pretty trivial XOR'ing. Since I can't debug, I can't tell how many bytes long the XOR key is, or whether it is rolling.

    I've been told the flag is pretty obvious - but at least in my reversing (and manual attempts at decrypting the flag from memory) of this binary in IDA - it isn't popping out.

    Anyone know whether pasting the sha256 hash of the binary recovered from twitter is considered a spoiler? You know, to verify I got all the tweets correct (since it is no longer trivial to get a Twitter developer account).

  • Hi, somebody I can ask about it? so I can disassemble the executable and I understand what it does but I just don't know what the antidote is, could somebody drop me a hint?

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    Could anyone provide a hint? I'm at the point where I can see/read some text in the file, but it seems I need to do something more with this file or with parts of its content. Also I'd like to check with the sha256 hash like @acidicbark suggested.

    Never mind: use Kali in VirtualBox if running Windows; do not use Ubuntu on Windows (Linux subsystem)

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