Many false positives on this new box :P



  • Glad I'm not the only one

  • Me, too.

  • Same here. Maybe still something there..

  • Entry point is similar to a retired machine ;)


  • Well let's say that the method is pretty common and it's used on other CTFS also, plus there was a previous machine that had the same method as this one guys don't overthink.

    Hack The Box

  • Similar to a retired box you say....
    ... I wonder if its one I've actually done.
  • I was way overthinking this one :lol:

  • it's really a basic stuff


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    blood was claimed on this in an hour perhaps and i was just struggling to let my vpn work for me lol! havent tried after that....


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    I think I'm overlooking this one a lot. I've tried a fair few things, could someone point me in the right direction for the foothold in PM?

    Edit * found it.

    Edit 2: For everyone PM'ing...

    Have a look at ippsecs videos this was done on a previous box. It seems like its a bit of a Nightmare of a box trying to get information out of this...

  • Can someone give a hint about this one? I'm lost....


  • Well, hell. I guess this box as taught me something even before I got user: take better notes. >.<

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  • I don't want to Dos the free server, can someone let me know If I am suppose to brute the password for the user i found?

  • I've got user without brute forcing anything. This box is very unstable though!

  • Okay, I really wish I had taken better notes on previous machines. If someone could throw a hint my way, I'd appreciate it. I can tell you via PM what I have done so far.

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  • This was a very cool box. Great work @0xdf

  • Sorry been a while since I have tried a box, can someone msg me the obvious part

  • I have tried many crossings but they don't seem to work...

  • is this machine intentionally unstable and slow? or only on free server?

  • @w31rd0 said:
    is this machine intentionally unstable and slow? or only on free server?

    I'm guessing it's just on free due to people trying to bruteforce the login. Someone said it's fine on a VIP server.

  • Can someone PM me regarding initial foothold - I think I know what to do.. Just not sure if Im chasing my tail here


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  • Looking for hints on the privesc, anyone willing to help?

  • This machine works slow even on vip

  • Keeps crashing on smb on VIP
  • for everyone brute forcing the login page. its not the right way and you are making the machine so slow. so please stop!

  • It is true. Brute force is not needed for this machine.

  • i reset the box and tons of files had been removed. i thought they were part of enumeration! lol

  • I was just having the same problem!

  • Hint for privesc. What makes this windows machine different from other windows?

    The new feature is something quite new. Explore the new feature.

  • This was a frustrating (because of mistakes I made) and fun machine... I didnt find the machine to be too unstable but it will drop you if you dont stay active and files will disappear.... I do like how this machines used techniques from multiple previous machines... Good learning experience as usual... Thanks @0xdf

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